Advice for Personal Water Craft Users

Follow this voluntary guide and help to maintain the good reputation of PWC users

Stay Safe, Ride Responsibly

Observe these basic rules to ensure
that you stay safe on the water and don’t endanger others:

  1. Always be considerate to other water users
  2. Be aware of local byelaws that may restrict
    PWC use and do not enter areas where PWCs are prohibited
  3. Do not exceed speed limits
  4. Always wear a lifejacket
  5. Always carry the correct safety equipment
     including a waterproof radio and mini flares 
     and wear suitable safety clothing
  6. Ensure engine is well maintained and carry
    spare fuel
  7. Have, as a minimum, public liability insurance
  8. Attend the RYA  PWC training course
  9. Alcohol and PWCs do not mix

Reduce Your Impact

To ensure that you have as little
impact on wildlife as possible, 
follow these simple rules:

  1. Avoid sensitive areas such as shallow bays
  2. Do not launch near or approach roosting or
    nesting sites for birds
  3. When passing wildlife maintain a steady
    direction and slow to “no wake” speed
  4. Avoid shallow waters where you may erode the underwater seabed
  5. Do not dispose of any rubbish or contaminants in the water
  6. Be considerate to anglers and pass at very slow speed

 Report Incidents In an emergency contact the Coastguard on 999 or on VHF radio Channel 16
If you see any PWC rider acting irresponsibly or endangering other water users, you should report this to Belfast Coastguard on 028 9146 3933 or on VHF radio or to the Waterways Ireland Wardens.